29.7. – 4.8.2017 in Ryttylä, Finland

A Christian Arts and Action camp for teens 15-21 years old!

Welcome to Life!

Life is an international Christian arts and action camp, organized by Finnish Lutheran Mission and Creative Arts Europe.

Every summer about 150 students and 100 volunteers & workshop and bible teachers gather up in southern Finland to learn more about God and the potential He has put into us. For those, who don’t speak Finnish (yet!), the camp program and workshops are translated into English. :)

If you want to discover your talent in arts or develop your skills as a dancer, actor, musician etc. this is camp is for you! It doesn’t matter how much you know already or how good someone else is compared to you. This camp is not about comparing! In our encouraging atmosphere everyone has a chance to learn something new about their passion, about themselves and about the Person who made you that way!

Everyone is talented, so pack up and head out to spend an awesome week at Life camp!

Please register on June 6th at latest. If you don’t know whether you’re coming or not, we recommend to register now and cancel later, if needed. Cancelling doesn’t cost anything. :)


Fine Arts

Bible Journaling – Kati Förbom

Are you into Arts? Bible Journaling will challenge you with a new way of studying the Scriptures. In this workshop, Bible verses will come alive in pictures, texts and other artistic forms! Grab your favorite pens & sketchbook and head over to the Bible Journaling workshop! Materials fee: 20 €.

Drawing – David Harper

Relax and draw – there will be no competition and no criticism of work! In this workshop, there will be no such thing as a ”bad drawing!” All artists will be encouraged to develop their own individual style – there will be no pressure to perform or to draw like anyone else. Artists of all levels are welcome and should have no fear of attending the workshop! Materials fee: 20 €.




Band – Ossi Mäki-Reini

In the Band workshop, we’ll play good music, practise playing together as a team and polish our harmonies in a relaxed, but determined atmosphere. Please, bring your own instrument!

Band Vocals – Rory Partin

We’ll learn techniques and vocal exercises that will expand your range, so that you can sing higher and lower, as well as louder and stronger. We’ll work on stage presence and practise with and without a band. Beginners also welcome!

Performing Artist – Alexa James & Jarkko Luhtala

Do you wanna touch people through voice and performing? In this workshop, we’ll help you get out of your shell, learn to pick songs that match your voice & performing style and practise performing on stage and expression. In addition, we’ll familiarize ourselves with the basics of recording and songwriting. Come along!


Street Beginners – Tiina Valonen & Tiina Koistinen

In this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to take your first steps into the basics of street dance, ranging from Hip Hop to Show Jazz. You don’t need any previous dance experience to participate in this workshop! In the mornings, we’ll train Jazz technique. Come and take to the dance floor in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere!

Dance Video Intermediate – Hanna Launonen & Johanna Halén

In this workshop, we’ll select ”summery countryside” locations for the dances we design and shoot and then develop them into a beautiful dance video. In the mornings, the workshop group will train in Contemporary dance technique. Let your creativity flow and join the workshop to be one of the dance video stars!

Lyrical Jazz Advanced – Lara Bianca Pilcher

Lyrical Jazz combines the expressive Fusion & techniques of Jazz and Classical ballet. Lyrical is a slower, melodic, and more expressive form of Jazz to current music. In this workshop, you’ll gain fluidity of movement, grace and control. In the mornings, the group will train Ballet technique. This workshop is for advanced students only!




Movie Acting – Miika Elo

In the Movie Acting workshop, we’ll look for ways to plunge into counting on other people and opening up to be so sensitive that emotions just flow out of you. That way you don’t need to act, instead you can just relax and take in the part you’ve been given – and have the time of your life!

Comedy – Iiris Autio

This workshop is available only in Finnish. What is fun made of? In the Comedy workshop, we’ll learn the basics of physical theater, develop our own clown characters and familiarize ourselves with slapstick comedy. Beginners and advanced students will both benefit from the participating in this workshop!


Baker’s Dozen – Samuel Tuomikorpi

In the baking workshop, we’ll make delicious goodies just so we can eat them! We’ll bake chocolate fondats, cream puffs, plaided loafs, cakes and macarones among other treats! There’s room for both beginning bakers and pastry chefs! Materials fee: 20 €.

Horseback Riding – Ulla Kujanpää

This workshop is available only in Finnish. This workshop is every horse fanatic’s dream come true! Reliable and well-trained horses, high-quality teaching and friendly & helpful atmosphere will create warm memories to keep you cozy even during the cold winter months! Horseback Riding fee: 90 €.

Circus – Helmi Lähteenmäki

In this workshop, we’ll familiarize ourselves with trapezes, rolabolas, unicycles, diabolos and other aspects of circus skills! Venture along to challenge your limits, learn new tricks and spend an awesome week with amazing people!

Sports – Olli Toivonen & Sakari Mäkäläinen

Do you enjoy playing and competing with brothers and sisters? In the Sports workshop you’re in for a full week of wonderful people, the joy of sports and Christian fellowship. Time to break a sweat and make a B line towards the sports workshop! Trip fee: 30 €.

Video Production – Hannu Korpela

Do you wanna learn how to make high-quality videos? In this workshop, we’ll learn the basics of modern video production, such as filming, editing, lighting and recording. Both beginners and advanced students will both benefit from this workshop! If possible, please bring with you a laptop or a camera.

Sound and Light – Ville Saarikangas

This workshop is available only in Finnish. In this workshop, we’ll dive into the sound & light technics as we learn the basics of equipment set-ups and how to use the equipment safely in a live situation. We’ll also take a look at setting up and controlling a small lighting set. The Sound and Light workshop is for both beginners and troupers!



Life Arts

In Master’s Footsteps – Laura Järvinen

This workshop is available only in Finnish. In this workshop, we’ll think of ways to live out our everlasting lives already, seeking guidance from the Master himself. We all follow the same Jesus, yet each and every one of us has a unique life. Join this workshop to ponder what yours looks like!

My Story – Eero Huhtanen

This workshop is available only in Finnish. In the Bible it says that God created man in his own image. Have you ever wondered how we resemble God or each other? In this workshop, we’ll practise communication in a safe environment. Hop on to grow in understanding your own personality, your character and your interactions with others!

Questions & Answers

How Do I Get There?

The easiest way to get here is by train. Ryttylä, where the Life camp takes place, is a small village in southern Finland. Ryttylä town is located close to a city called Riihimäki. However, Ryttylä does have a train connection to the outer world, wohoo!!

Trains can take you all the way from Helsinki Airport to Ryttylä. It’s about one hour travel time with 1-2 transfers; one in Tikkurila and sometimes another one in Riihimäki. If you come from Russia or Sweden, we recommend the train for you too. Traveling from Helsinki city center to Ryttylä takes about an hour and often the very same train you hop on in Helsinki will take you all the way to Ryttylä train stop.

An adult train ticket from Helsinki Airport (or from Helsinki city center) to Ryttylä costs around 20 euros – it’s usually cheaper if you buy it well beforehand. If you have a valid Finnish student card, you can choose a student ticket, which is cheaper than the adult one.

Check your train connection and prices at

From Ryttylä train stop it’s a 15 min walk to the camp site. You can do it!! Just don’t overpack. :) It’s about 1 km (that’s 0,6 miles). This is how you get from trainstop (A) to camp site (B).  Our street address is Opistotie 1. This is a small village with two tiny grocery stores, 2000 residents and no ATM – you can’t get lost here! :D (Also, if you need to draw money, you may wanna do that in Helsinki before arriving here.)

Finns are not that scary and Finland is a relatively safe place to have a little train adventure. If you can’t find your train, don’t know how to buy a ticket etc. just ask a random human walking by. You can also contact us at +358503406858. If something goes terribly wrong and you end up in a wrong town, we’ll send someone to rescue or come and pick you up! :D

How Much Does The Camp Cost?

Please check the Life camp registration form!

How Many Workshops Can I Participate In?

There may be a possibility to try one of the other workshops once during the camp, but basically you’ll participate in only one workshop per camp. When you register for the camp, you need to chooce a back-up workshop as well.  If there’s no room in the workshop you registered for as your first choice, you’ll be participating in the back-up option.

In June we’ll know for sure who will be participating in which workshop. Some workshops are only available in Finnish.

Camp Letter

When we have the workshops figured out and the teachers have informed us about what you should pack with you for your workshops, we’ll email you a info letter. That will be in the end of June / in the beginning of July.

Arriving Early And Accommodation

Sometimes it’s a lot cheaper to fly during the week than on weekends. It’s okay to show up a few days later or early to the camp. Just make sure we know when to book accommodation for you or your group! From our point of view it’s easier if you don’t come super-super-early, because there are other camps going on and your room might be booked for them. In that case you may need to sleep in another room for a few nights and later, when the camp begins, switch to your Life camp accommodation.

Anyways, it’s not a problem to show up early, just make sure we know when you’re coming! :)

How To Contact Us?

The easiest ways are emailing us at or sending a text/whatsapp message to +358 503406858. In this number ”358” in the beginning is the country code for Finland.

“The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.”

— Book of Zephaniah 3:17
The cover photo: Istockphoto © Fotojog. Photos: Anne Mills, David Harper ja Sami Valkonen